Convention seed funding

Convention Seed Funding Guidelines

The main purpose of the ASFF is to sponsor and encourage the creation and appreciation of science fiction in Australia. One of our activities is to provide seed loans to Australian National Science Fiction Conventions (Natcons) to cover their start-up costs.

This loan facility provides Natcons with some cash flow before the registrations start rolling in.

We stress that the facility is a loan, not a grant, and repayment is expected. This way, the funding money can roll from Natcon to Natcon.

There are some general rules:

  • The convention must be a sitting national Australian science fiction convention, that is, have been formally elected to hold the convention by the National Science Fiction Convention Business Meeting.
  • The sum is usually an amount conference venues require for a deposit on booking the venue. However this may vary depending on the con's circumstances and advice from the ASFF Treasurer.
  • There are no formal contracts or loan agreements. As is the fannish way, arrangements are fairly informal but it is implicit that the Natcon will abide by the agreement.
  • There is no formal application process nor application forms. Natcon committees should write to The Secretary, requesting a loan and outlining their basic business plan for staging the convention. This can be by letter or by email.
  • Before the ASFF approves the seed loan, it would like to see some supporting documentation from the Natcon that is requesting the funding: a basic business plan and/or budget is sufficient.
  • Repayment of the loan is the only condition and this is usually expected after the Natcon has finalized its accounts. No interest is applied. However, the ASFF would be grateful for further donations from the Natcon if their surplus permits.
  • The ASFF does not require the Natcon to acquit the funding, that is provide documentation on how the loan money was spent.
  • Should the Natcon be unfortunate to post a loss, it is expected that the convention or its legal entity repay the loan even if this takes a few years.

For more information contact:

The Secretary,
Australian Science Fiction Foundation
P.O. Box 215
Forest Hill
Victoria 3131.

Email address: