★ Reviewed by Garry Dalrymple

This review, from Garry P. Dalrymple's AZAPA fanzine Transcendental Basenji Sermons and Enlightenment, appears with permission. More TBS&E at <http://efanzines.com>

★ Directed by Johan Lurf, Astronomy / SF / Fantasy, © 2018, An Austrian made movie, seen as a preview movie of the 2018 Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival, on the morning of Wednesday, October 3, 2018, at the Event Cinema, George Street Sydney.

Before there was the Sky walker clan, Anikin, Luke and Leia, there was the night Sky, a dark velvet canvas upon which all cultures have felt free to embroidered with the story threads of their culture, aspiring to create a meaningful tapestry reflecting their values and issues, as writ large as by the hand of their Gods and mythological heroes?

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