1999: Graham Stone

Graham Stone
by Sean McMullen

Graham Stone has no peers in the specific study of Australian SF, even though two other Australians have won Hugos for general SF bibliography. Born in 1926, he became a fan in the late 1930s, and witnessed the birth of Australia's fan movement and local SF pulp publishing.

From the beginning of his involvement he diligently collected and documented Australia's SF, preserving works and information that could have easily been lost. In the early 1950s he tried his hand at fiction with the novel Zero Equals Nothing with Royce Williams, contributed to several commercial magazines, ran the Australian Science Fiction Society, and helped run Australia's first national SF convention. In 1968 he published the first comprehensive bibliography of Australian SF, a book which is still in demand.

In the mid 1980s he began an even more ambitious project, when he began to comb Australia's newspapers and periodicals for SF, going on to discover hundreds of forgotten stories. In 1990 he began to assemble his fanzine Notes on Australian Science Fiction into a book tracing its development from European utopian novels to the Scientific Thrillers of the late 1940s. This history is soon to be published. Graham also operates a small press, republishing rare but historically significant Australian SF, and his mail order book service is the best source of rare Australian SF anywhere.

As we enter the 21st century, we have Graham to thank for the detail in which Australia's SF is known. His meticulous and exhaustive work have made him its greatest historian.

Sean McMullen