1997: Susan Batho (Smith-Clarke)

Susan Batho (Smith-Clarke)
by Patricia Anderson

Susan is a firm believer in Fandom is a Way of Life. She has been in fandom for over 25 years and was the founder of the longest running Australian Star Trek Club - ASTREX (now 24 years old) and she was the president for 9 and a half years. She was also the editor of DATA, the club newsletter for 10 years. She is the editor of BEYOND ANTARES - Australia's longest running Star Trek zine (24 years in production) and CHRONICLES - Blake's Seven magazine (16 years in production). She was four times winner of the National SF Media Award for Best Media Fanzine. Susan has also won numerous FAN-Q awards at MEDIAWEST Con in America for her fanzine DOWN UNDER EXPRESS. She has been Chairperson of nine conventions since 1975. She was Fan Guest of Honour at various conventions in Australia since 1979 and at MEDIAWEST Con. For two years she was president of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation and was editor of its magazine, Forerunner.

Over the past 24 years, Susan has become Australia's most prolific fan editor, over 400 fanzines (most 40 to 50 pages in length). She is still producing fanzines as well as a bimonthly newsletter called Reviewzine. She still writes stories for numerous local and overseas fanzines.

Susan has four children aged between 11 and 22 and, at the beginning of the year, her eldest daughter was married ( the week before the 7th Medtrek Convention of which Susan was the Chairperson). She is currently completing her Master's degree in Writing. She is also currently engaged to Graeme Batho and they are in the middle of planning their wedding in January and the building of a new home for the family, videos and fanzines.